Friday, March 4, 2011

MNLF's Foreign Policy on Global Wars

QUESTION: Sir John, which side does MNLF support, the Hezbollah/Hamas against the Israelis?

ANSWER: None. First, be informed that MNLF is composed of many religions. The MNLF foreign policy is it does not make a position on which side to take in any kind of global wars.

MNLF hates wars, we are done with it. The MNLF hates all kinds of wars, ranging from religious wars, to genocide, territirial wars, economic invasion, environmental exploitation, and land grabbing.

However, the MNLF is willing to offer the Bangsamoro Land as temporary sanctuary to the victims of the atrocities of war, whatever their religion or ethnic origin is. Life is hard in Bangsamoro Land at the moment, most of our households here in Bangsamoro Land are eating just enough to survive, but at least there is peace and we can plant and grow food and go fishing in peace; and we are willing to share the little things that we have.

The MNLF ideology is EGALITARIANISM, meaning, equal respect to people regardless of religion, race, ethnic origin, and gender. The MNLF Vision is OPEN SOCIETY where people of all kinds co-exist with each other in prosperity and democracy.

The Founder and Chairman of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is Professor Dr. Nur Misuari, the only politically active leader in the Philippines right now who is distinguished as a certified United Nations Peace Prize Awardee, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nominee, and Winner of Felix Houphouet-Boigny Peace Prize. Nur Misuari is one of the few individuals that have acquired an international reputation on account of their major contribution to the promotion of peace, democracy and human rights.

What will MNLF get/benefit from involving itself in international conflicts like that one? Nothing, just trouble and waste of time. The MNLF does not follow bandwagon of chaos in other parts of the globe. We will pay attention to it if the issue is in Bangsamoro Land or Philippines.


QUESTION: Sir John, what is the connection between MNLF and Israelis and their mortal opponent the Hizbollahs/Hamas?

ANSWER: In the second World War, the Jews from Germany and all parts of Europe were persecuted by Hitler and they escaped to China, and further they moved to Manila. From Manila, they were about to establish a NEW JERUSALEM in Mindanao, 10 thousand Jews, and they already sent surveyors to Mindanao with an intention of building a sanctuary community. The Bangsamoro People would have welcomed them but the SANCTUARY project did not materialize after the war ended. That was how the Mindanao became a LAND OF PROMISE, just like the PROMISE LAND during Exodus.

That exact spot that they identified as a New Jerusalem in Mindanao is an MNLF Camp at present, dominantly occupied by Lumads who call their Chieftain as GOD. This is one of the interesting remote places I hope to visit/document in the dry-run implementation of the Bangsamoro Outreach Project hopefully to be funded by George Soros of the Open Society Foundation. George is a Hungarian Jew, a multi-billionaire, and Philanthropist who is the father of MNLF's Vision called Open Society.

On the other hand, the MNLF have members and officers who are Muslims who have studied in Islamic Universities in many parts of the Globe such as Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, etc etc. While they were scholars, they had classmates who are members of Hizbollah and Hamas. Having this scholars in the rolls of the MNLF makes MNLF knowledgeable and understanding to the cause of struggle of the Hizbollahs and Hamas.

The MNLF knows the barriers between the two warring groups, and we intend to make a special Noah's Ark for their youth in Bangsamoro Land so they can spend time understanding one another as neighbors in one community under the supervision of the MNLF. The MNLF's New Bangsamoro Townships (NBT) Project is designed for this purpose. We may not be able to stop the war in Middle East in the medium-term, but we have hope for the young ones, and the MNLF have a vision to play a big role in developing and planting "seeds of peace" in that war-torn area.