Saturday, February 23, 2013

Preconditions of MNLF-GPH Talks


1. OPAPP Budget is taxpayer's money for the peace process. Twenty-five Percent (25%) of the OPAPP's annual budget must be released for MNLF before the talks resume to fund the research and travel of its negotiators, think-tanks, top leaders, and technical resource consultants who must prepare and attend the talks. If this fund is subject to audit, the MNLF is willing to employ, on secondment, a government accredited auditor.

2. MNLF Leader Nur Misuari have exclusive right to determine who will participate in the talks on the side of the MNLF.

3. The GPH negotiators must be represented by an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Chairman of the Committee of Peace Process of the House of Representatives, Chairman of the Committee of Peace Process of the Senate.

4. The venue of the talks shall be nominated by the GPH and MNLF in an alternating manner.

5. Philippine Government shall compensate the MNLF an amount of P10 million a month (retroactive applies) for the delay of implementation of the provisions in the Tripoli Agreement.

6. Prof. Dr. Nur Misuari shall be paid just compensation at P20,000 a day for unjust political imprisonment from 2001-2009. We demand an apology from the Philippine Government to be formally delivered before the formal session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

7. GPH shall unilaterally terminate and recant its conformity to the MILF-GPH Bangsamoro Framework Agreement.


Si GPH parang si Mister. Si MNLF parang si Misis. Si MILF anak ni Misis. Etong si Mister, ginawang kabit si MILF -- taboo! Nagalit si Misis. Ayun sumama na si Misis sa Chinese na mayaman na gwapo pa. Etong si GPH, pangit na, mayabang pa, sira-ulo, nananakit pa, hindi naman nag-bibigay ng sustento, sarili lang ang pinagbibigyan ang luho. So, mas mabuti hiwalay na.


March 2, a year ago, we decided to drop the negotiations with the GPH and focus instead on strengthening the hearts and mind of our troops in the grounds. After just a year, we have already developed a higher level of military capacity, and proven when we tested our military might on the undefeated enemy of our enemy - the Abu Sayyaf. A little more time, konting push na lang ng ground work, more training, more lectures to prepare the mind and the hearts, we will soon be ready to spark the Bangsamoro National Revolution in Mindanao, Sulu, Palawan, and Sabah. There is no turning back. There will be no more talks. FORWARD MNLF! VICTORY OR THE GRAVEYARD!


... is the best timing and season for MNLF to militarily respond to the provocation of the Aquino Administration. When people begin to see loads and loads of AFP coffins being landed in Villamor Air Base, the nation will talk about the war and people will know that the factors that ignited this war could have been avoided if the Aquino Administration is a little honorable and smarter than it is now.


All I can say to GPH, before this escalates into a war, please terminate that MILF-GPH Agreement, or else prepare and be ready for war. Fire also that lady in OPAPP because she is pocketing and diversifying the fund that is intended to subsidize MNLF attendance in the continuing MNLF-GPH talks on pending issues towards the implementation the 1996 Final Peace Agreement.


GPH was already at the verge of defeat during its war with the MNLF in the 70s. GPH can't defeat Abu Sayyaf for 23 years; but MNLF crushed Abu Sayyaf in just a week. MNLF Sulu pa langyan which is the smallest fraction of the MNLF troops all over Bangsamoro Land. Now, who is stronger now? Pagsamahin mo pa yang GPH and MILF and triplehin mo pa, mas malakas pa rin ang MNLF kasi mass-based private gun owners yan eh.

Misuari already made a statement that the MILF-GPH Bangsamoro Framework is a recipe for war. For us we treat it as a signal. The GPH really want war ha. Tingnan natin.

MNLF are not savages, we have rules of engagement that you can read in Wikipedia. Bahala na ang MNLF ground commanders kung ano style nila. In war, everyone will just think on how to survive the present and hope that war did not started. In war, we don't think about the future.


Walang mayaman na leader ng MNLF. Yung mga fake na MNLF katulad ng 15EC, Abu Sayyaf, and MILF na mga clowns ng GPH, yun sila ang mayaman sa pangingidnap.


QUESTION: Sir John, we already have people in GPH working out a scheme to provide for the MNLF budget to resume its attendance in MNLF-GPH Talks. Sir John, in your blog, you mentioned "Alternating Agenda" and "Mandatory Dissemination". Can you elaborate it?

ANSWER: We will schedule 12 talks in one years, so that would be once a month. Agenda are exclusive issues to be discussed in a particular formal MNLF-GPH conference.

"Alternating Agenda" means MNLF and GPH will take turns in setting the agenda and venue of the talks. On the first month, GPH will set the Agenda. On the second month, MNLF will set the Agenda. On the third month, GPH will set the Agenda. On the fourth month, MNLF will set the Agenda. And so on and so forth.

Timely information dissemination is extremely essential in peace process. "Mandatory Dissemination" means that copies of the Minutes of the MNLF-GPH Conference shall be mailed to a list of high-profile MNLFs and GPH, shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines, and shall also be posted in MNLF-controlled websites. The MNLF may also conduct a Peace Mini-Summits wherever in Mindanao to announce the result of the MNLF-GPH Talks. A directory of high-profile MNLFs shall also be made available for the public and may be used by any organization in case they want to invite MNLFs to come over as guest or reactor.


QUESTION: Sir John, follow-up question lang po. We are the same people who are working out a fund for the resumption of MNLF-GPH Talks. Sir, John in your video you mentioned 100 Milion Pesos would be sufficient for MNLF to resume its participation in talks with GPH. How do you plan to implement the fund? Will this fund be given to MNLF? What is your suggestion on the sourcing of fund?

ANSWER: The MNLF will not hold the fund, but will only be spent exclusively for the MNLF. The fund will be sourced from GPH GAA and will be implemented by a private company. There will be a bidding on "Events Management Contract" that will award a P100 Million contract to a private sector company that is specialized in events management. Whenever there is MNLF-GPH Talks, it will be the function of the Events Management Company to use the fund to ensure MNLF participation, and their workload would include sending to invitation to Nur Misuari, getting the list of MNLF participants from Nur Misuari, purchasing travel tickets and hotel accommodation for the participants, and paying of per diem and professional fees, and transcribing the minutes of the meeting. The fund will also be used to mail out the minutes of talks, and venue/stage expenses for MNLF Mini Summits. Civil organizations who want to invite MNLF speakers may send their invitation to MNLF Leader Nur Misuari c/o the private Events Management Company.

With regards to sourcing, it is best if MNLF Participation in Peace Process becomes a Special Project under the OPAPP annual budget and becomes part of the PH General Appropriations Act. The Special Project Director who will hold an office in OPAPP must be nominated exclusively by Nur Misuari. The function of the Special Project Director is to award to the Events Management Contract to a private company, prepare the annual report of the Special Project, and defend the project fund during budget hearing in Senate/Congress.


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PUBLIC NOTICE: The following persons were already expelled from the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) for various reasons, such as, but not limited to: (1) factionalism and other forms of disloyalty to the One MNLF Doctrine, (2) counterfeiting the negotiations and sabotaging the MNLF-GPH peace process, (3) participating in fraudulent transactions, accepting bribes from, and defection to the GPH and other opposite counterpart of the MNLF, (4) collaborating in acts of terrorism and armed-conflict-related human trafficking. Read more at