Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MNLF Right of Reply RE: Zamboanga Crisis of Sept 2013

The genuine members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is not a participant in that chaos in Zamboanga City on September 2013. The chaos was purely a large-scale squatter demolition operation by the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and simultaneously a "False Flag Operation" of the GPH to smear dirt on the face of MNLF and the Mindanao Independence Movement. The implementers of the squatter demolition merely used MNLF actors (counterfeit MNLFs) to act as running rabbits to ignite chaos that would provide reason for the squatter uprooters to move into the designated demolition zone. The squatter demolition was long planned by the LGU of Zamboanga City under the leadership of Mayor Climaco, in line with real estate development in Zamboanga. The GPH denies the rights of the uprooted people to return to their lands and residences aftermath the chaos. Even on this date of commenting, the uprooted people (Badjaos and Muslim minorities) are being disallowed to return to their lands -- the human rights violation issue in relation to the uprooting is what the mainstream media and the Philippine government is turning a blind eye or perhaps hiding. For your information, Malik, Misuari, and the genuine MNLF are not participants in the planning and execution of that squatter demolition. No MNLF was killed, injured, or arrested in that incident.

Official denial

MNLF officially denies participation in that infamous chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013. Please be informed that MNLF Cmdr Habier Malik, MNLF Leader Nur Misuari, and all members of the Genuine MNLF are not participants in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013. This denial is based on the result of MNLF's internal affairs field investigation. That chaos was just a false flag operation by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (a revenge of Gen. Emanuel T. Bautista whose father then Gen. Teodulfo Bautista died under the weapon of the MNLF in 1977) to smear dirt on the face of MNLF and a cover-up to the extra-judicial forced eviction by the Local Government of Zamboanga City led by Mayor Ma. Isabelle "Bheng" Climaco-Salazar (under the supervision of DILG Sec. Mar Roxas) against the poor marginalized Badjao minorities. Our field investigation result shows no genuine MNLF was hurt, injured, killed, or arrested in that inhumane government operation. The MNLF condemns the inhumane uprooting incident. There is no moral justification on the means and ends of that chaos, and we condemn the incident.

This denial is based on the result of MNLF's internal affairs field investigation, which rendered the following results:

About Assamin Hussin and Bas Arki

One of the alleged MNLF commanders that initiated chaos Zamboanga City is a certain individual allegedly named Assamin Hussin. A certain Assamin Hussin appeared on TV on 9 September 2013 (day 1 of the chaos) and made a statement that he and his men have entered Zamboanga to attend a rally, show their support to Mindanao Independence by hoisting an MNLF flag (supposedly on the flag pole of the city hall. Our field investigation reveals we (MNLF and MIM) have no Assamin Hussin in our member list, nobody in MNLF recognize his face as one of us, there is no scheduled MNLF rally nor summit around that particular Monday. The MNLFpage in FB also published an earlier MNLF policy that says only the owner of a flag pole has the right to hoist whatever flag he wants on his own flag pole.

Another individual named by the newspapers is a certain Bas Arki. Those alleged MNLFs by the name of "Bas Arki" and "Assamin Hussin", who are accused as commanders of the alleged seige, neither have record of membership in the MNLF, nor were they listed in the persons who support the Mindanao Independence. We picked up an unofficial list of names of the alleged MNLFs members who are now under the custody of GPH, who were accused of a crime of rebellion for their alleged participation in the Zamboanga chaos of Sept 2013; we verified the list via background check in the grounds and the investigation rendered negative result, meaning, no one in the list is a member of the MNLF. We published our findings in FB/MNLFpage and someone in the AFP commented that the list we have are all alyases -- okay, granted -- and we hope that the GPH will interrogate those persons in their custody to get their real names because we are willing to re-open a field investigation to ascertain if any of those are MNLFs.

Result of MNLF internal investigation

Allegedly, MNLFs (including Cmdr. Habier malik) were either killed, hurt, arrested, or injured, in that chaos. Our post-conflict investigation shows Cmdr Habier Malik is not in Zamboanga City during those moments when he was alleged to be commandering the alleged MNLFs in the middle of the chaos. Result of our investigation shows no member of the MNLF has admitted to have gone out from their hometowns in small, medium, or large troops movement to conduct a terroristic invasion on the peaceful city of Zamboanga.

The arrested individuals

We have read in the news that there were around 200 alleged MNLFs who were arrested on site in relation to the chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013. We have also offered free legal assistance to any MNLF who got killed, injured, or arrested in that chaos and no one has filed a single claim.

Willing to cooperate

I have asked the GPH to transmit to me the digital file (or post the PDF file online) of the complete information of the cases filed by DOJ against Misuari so I can facilitate a formal reply, which would most likely include a video-taped interview with Misuari, but I did not get a response from GPH. I asked for a copy of any Warrant of Arrests for any alleged Genuine MNLFs (including Nur Misuari) who are still at large so we can start counting a one-year period of Hijra before we turn him in to the Courts, but I did not get a response from GPH. The members of the Commission of Human Rights attempted to visit the arrested alleged MNLFs but they were forbidden to conduct interview with the detainees (this was published in the newspapers). So, we think GPH is hiding something. I assume we are on the same page that innocence is presumed until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Whoever alleges, it is their task to present evidences, and there is no need for the accused persons (especially Nur Misuari) to cooperate.

On the weapons recovered that allegedly belong to MNLF

Allegedly, the GPH Military recovered high-powered weapons and mortars in that belongs to the MNLF, and that the alleged MNLFs in that chaos have financial backers and were provided with logistics to wage the uprising. Our internal investigation shows no one in MNLF has disclosed having received any financial support to wage an act of terror in Zamboanga City, and no one in MNLF has claimed to have lost weapons in that chaos in Zamboanga City. In short, we have no information who owns those weapons and we have no information who is the provider and the receiver of such alleged uprising funds.

On the allegations that MNLF used human shields

Allegedly, MNLFs used civilians as human shields, and a rescue operation was done. Result of our investigation reveals that no member of the MNLF have "caddied" civilians out of armed conflict zones or have taken cover behind civilians because there is no MNLF in there in the first place. Nevertheless, while the chaos was ongoing for days, we have contacted GPH Military Intelligence at the backdoor and proposed to them a joint operation to rescue out any MNLFs who are caught in the crossfire and trapped in a defensive position in the conflict zone to stop the chaos, although we were not sure that there are any MNLF in that chaos. The condition of our proposal is that we will rescue our fellow MNLF if the GPH Military can show proof that Cmdr Habier Malik, whom they allege as the leader of the gang, is in that chaos -- the GPH Military was not able to supply the condition, hence, we did not launch a rescue operation. No MNLFs member hid in houses, nor burned houses because there is no MNLF in there in the first place. No MNLF member looted anything during that chaos because there is no MNLF in there in the first place, but we have read quite a number of news articles about GPH Military who were caught red-handed in looting during that chaos.

Different speculations of what really happened

MNLF Speaker Atty. Emmanuel Fontanilla said that the chaos was just to cover up the Pork Barrel issue in the Philippine National Government. Some of our MNLF analysts also said that the chaos was a tactic of the GPH to smear dirt on the face of the MNLF, and paint MNLF as monsters and terrorists. Nevertheless, the most probable explanation comes from MNLF Intelligence that says that chaos was an implementation of the squatter demolition project of the Zamboanga City Local Government headed by Mayor Beng Climaco, which merely used counterfeit MNLFs to ignite chaos and cover-up the squatter demolition. Even after the clearing of the chaos, the evacuated citizens were being refused (in a terroristic manner) to return to their places of origin by the LGU of Zamboanga City. We also found out that the demolished area have pre-existing real estate development plan that requires uprooting of the informal settlers.


Nobody have seen the much-talk-about warrant of arrest for Nur Misuari. As of this first week of September 2014 (a year after the chaos), the Court of Justice is still trying to determine the schedule and venue where evidences and witnesses on the allegations against MNLF can be formally presented to the Court. The court has sent subpoena to the members of the mainstream media that published reference-less allegations and accusations against Misuari to present their references and evidence, and they responded to the court saying that they cannot be obliged to testify on their publications.

The assassination of Zamboanga City Judge Reynerio Estancia Sr on 28 Feb 2014 had been investigated by us and we discovered that it was somehow related to the cover-up of this False Flag Operation. The government military has Martial-Law-type full control over Zamboanga City during that period of assassination. Our pretext interview with survivors close to the late Judge Estancia Sr disclosed that the last official transaction of the Judge was he refused to issue a Warrant of Arrest against Nur Misuari because the applicants of the warrant have not presented any evidence that is required to substantiate the allegation against Nur Misuari.


I have read the article titled: "FEW BURNING QUESTIONS ON THE ZAMBO SIEGE" by Reynaldo R. Reyes, 22 September 2013 in MNLFNET.COM. I consider the responses of Reynaldo R. Reyes of MNLFNET.COM to media inquiry as more on taking opportunity advantage of the chaos to express a typical MNLF political promotion and propaganda, his opinion of course, and his reactions on what he saw on television. His response lacked prudence. His response pre-empted the value of post-conflict investigation. The "defensiveness" of his response will obviously be misconstrued as if the MNLF is trying to justify its involvement and participation in that chaos. In short, the hasty response that lacked prudence did more harm than good. There is a lesson that has to be learned. Next time, when there is chaos that allegedly involves the MNLF and anyone in MNLF is asked by media, the default response should be:

"(1) We can talk about the general policies of the MNLF but we cannot preempt the outcome of MNLF's post-conflict investigation on the event at hand, (2) we don't react (neither confirm nor deny) to any allegations or stories published by mainstream media or by social media bloggers, and (3) only the individual who possess the MNLF Spokesperson Authorization Form signed by the ground commander of the participant of the armed-conflict can answer any media inquiries specific to the detail of the particular armed conflict."

The MNLF Propagandists

If you are using any statements of Absalom Cervesa and Emmanuel Fontanilla that linked Misuari to the chaos, we would be pleased if you subpoena these two to testify. Please be informed that these two are spokespersons of Gapul "Winnie" Hadjirul, the political propaganda officer of the MNLF. During the chaos, they have made propaganda statements such as "MNLF already control most barangays in the conflict zone", "MNLF RPG sunk a Phil Navy ship", "PNP Chief already an MNLF prisoner of war", etc. etc. Their function is to fuel poisonous information so the enemies will continue making a mistake.

Trial by publicity

Trial by publicity may be advantageous to the GPH because of the stigma against the MNLF that it will create, but stigma will cause alienation and fear among the MNLFs and will backfire against the peace process. Not only humans, but even animals that are scared and cornered by the stigma will act violently in line with self-defensive and self preservation. The GPH is leaning its sharp elbow on the MNLF while writing the MILF-GPH deal -- it hurts. For the past decades, it was proven that "integration" is one of the helpful keys towards peace. Creating a stigma against MNLF is a counter-integration and it is anti-peace.

Counterfeit MNLFs

Since day one of that chaos in Zamboanga City, 9 September 2013, we maintain the position that MNLF is not involved in that chaos and we were aware of such chaos as purely a squatter demolition operation (an act of destroying the entire community to remove the human settlers who don't possess land titles) by the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and simultaneously a "False Flag Operation" (a military operation of doing terrorist acts while wearing the opponent's flag) of the GPH to smear dirt on the face of MNLF and the Mindanao Independence Movement. The implementers of the squatter demolition merely used MNLF actors (counterfeit MNLFs) to act as running rabbits to ignite chaos that would provide reason for the squatter uprooters to move into the designated demolition zone. It is an open secret in Mindanao wherein GPH Military and GPH Police manufacture counterfeit MNLF uniforms, recruit poor uneducated boys, and ask them to wear the MNLF uniforms to do dangerous money-making activities such as extortion, squatter demolition, false flag operation, and even stage-play armed conflict in order to get AFP Medals or PNP Medals (for example: search the internet for article titled "Army officer na nagpapagawa ng MNLF uniform, iniimbistigahan").

False flag operation and looting

We, MNLFs, had no MNLF informant in the middle of that chaos, hence, we have no idea who burned those houses, who looted from the houses, and who made that short action film showing some persons wearing MNLF uniforms who were playing with bazooka while playing patentero with some people who play the role of hostages. We have received a question from someone who claims to be a member of the non-combatant AFP in the area and he was asking if the PMAer who died in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013 was an MNLF because the dead body was wearing an MNLF uniform. With due respect to the family of my fellow PMAer, I have replied that he is not MNLF. He merely may have only followed orders to act as MNLF to pave the way for the False Flag Operation. We have read in the news that some AFP personnel were administratively charged for looting. I hope these looters in uniform are part of the charge. Try searching Google for articles titled: (1) "5 soldiers jailed for looting Zamboanga councilor's house" dated 24 Sept 2013; (2) "5 soldiers arrested for looting in Zamboanga City" dated 24 Sept 2013; (3) "Soldiers accused of looting during Zamboanga crisis face ..." dated 5 Nov 2013; (4) "AFP wrapping up probe on troops tagged in Zamboanga ..." dated 5 Nov 2013; (5) "Palace: Soldiers found looting in Zambo will be punished" dated 25 Sept 2013; (6) "Group hits AFP over human rights violations during Zamboanga conflict" at Inquirer dated 1 Oct 2013; (7) "Int’l NGO raps PH with human rights breaches" at Manila Bulletin 1 May 2014.

The GPHs habit of false flag operation

This chaos in Sept 2013 is already a result of AFP's "habit". The GPH's false flag operation against Misuari and MNLF in Zamboanga of Sept 2013 is not the first time. The first time was in 2001. The first time they did it, the GPH were able to take custody of Misuari, and he stood on trial in court for 8 years. In 2001, a GPH-fully-funded team of prosecutor lawyers in Dept of Justice worked full-time for 8 years to find evidence to support their allegation and they presented tons of media publicities against Misuari as evidence. Media articles cannot be presented as evidence in court, so in 2009 the court acquitted Misuari because the DOJ failed to present a single valid evidence to support their accusation. The GPH is using the same tactics again in this Sept 2013 chaos, in fact, in the same venue, Zamboanga -- they are like a frog that jumps into the same hole twice.

Squatter demolition

The chaos of in Zamboanga City of September 2013 was a squatter demolition that was long planned by the LGU of Zamboanga City under the leadership of Zamboanga City local government Mayor Bheng Climaco, who is under the direct supervision of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas, in line with real estate development in Zamboanga. They are also hoping to rake in millions of humanitarian donations. Zamboanga City now is like a Philippine style death wake where cadavers are displayed in the coffin for months to extend the opportunity of asking wake alms and donations. If you are into humanitarian aid and charity work, I recommend you search and read the following articles: (1) "Boy’s death latest in Zamboanga City shelter" at Inquirer on 23 March 2014; (2) "Long after MNLF siege, death toll still rising" at Inquirer on 24 March 2014; (3) "Zamboanga folk rally: ‘We’ve had enough’" at Inquirer on 3 April 2014; (4) "Badjao a tribe losing home at sea" at Inquirer on 27 April 2014; (5) "Philippines: Protect Zamboanga’s Displaced Minorities" in Human Rights Watch hrw dot org on 30 April 2014.

MNLF sympathize with the uprooted and displaced minorities

Even on this date of commenting, the uprooted people (Badjaos and Muslim minorities) are being disallowed to return to their lands -- the human rights violation issue in relation to the uprooting is what the mainstream media and the Philippine government is turning a blind eye or perhaps hiding. The voice of those people says: “They are killing us slowly by keeping us here,” said Jalnari Hadjirul, a 61-year-old Badjao leader at Cawa-Cawa. “I think they should send us home now, or we will all die.” Can't you hear their voice? The MNLF sympathise with the Badjaos and everyone who were uprooted in Zamboanga City, although we cannot ascertain if these people sympathize with our (MNLF) organizational cause.

If the evacuation of the people of Rio Hondo Zamboanga City in September 2013 could have been a result of a real armed conflict involving the MNLF, the uprooted people who are temporarily sheltered in evacuation camp in the Zamboanga City Grand Stand should have long been allowed to return to their lands after the supposed armed conflict. What is going on in the evacuation center now is like a Nazi Concentration camp, over 100 evacuees have already died by diseases. Zamboanga City local government Mayor Bheng Climaco, who is under the direct supervision of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas, is using scare tactics to prevent the displaced from returning to their origin. Climaco is also using profiling tactics to single out people she wants throw out of the city for the day -- one by one she throws them out of the city in different places like unwanted newly-born stray cats to avoid herself from getting entangled with the obligation of just compensation. Secretary Mar Roxas was also proud of the prejudice against Muslims when the Armed Forces of the Philippines (APF) required the evacuees to recite the Lords Prayer (...Our Father) upon entering the evacuation center. For reference about this story, please search Google for news article titled "MNLF rebels try to blend in with hostages -- Roxas".

The LGU of Zamboanga were asking the uprooted people to sign an affidavit and we happen to get hold of a digital copy. You should read it in the Notes of FB/MNLFpage titled "On Zamboanga City Residents Affidavit of Undertaking" dated 6 April 2014. In our analysis, it contains a provision wherein the signatory will not be paid any just compensation for the damages resulting from armed conflict, even if the property is insured. It also contains a provision wherein the signatory waives certain rights to real estate ownership, specifically his Jus Vindicandi (Right to Recover) and Jus Possidandi (Right to Possess). It also contains a provision wherein the land grabbing is legalized and perfected on the disadvantage of the uprooted people, and there is no more remedy in the future.

The participation of Vice President Jejomar Binay

Binay's appearance in Zamboanga in the middle of the chaos in September 2013 was not "pa epal". It was really us, MNLFs, me in particular, who launched a high-level MNLF intelligence gathering operation called "Operation Binay Ceasefire". Through the backdoor, we asked Binay to go to Zamboanga to carry a ceasefire proposal. Binay didn't knew that our purpose is not ceasefire, but our real purpose is just to find out if the chaos is really a real armed conflict or just a false flag operation of the AFP/PNP/GPH. If it was a result of a real armed conflict, a test ceasefire that we proposed through Vice President Binay should have been applicable, and we were able to find out that it was not a real armed conflict because ceasefire was not applicable.

Regarding AFP General Emmanuel Bautista

We were asked why is the AFP of the GPH are so unreasonably aggresive against the MNLF, as if they are turning a blind eye on the 1996 MNLF-GPH Final Peace Agreement. Our answer is that it is something personal. The anomaly has something to do with the psychological profile of Gen. Emmanuel Bautista. He is bitter, vengeangeful, and unable to move on with the past when his father, then Gen. Teodulfo Bautista, fell in combat in 1977 under the gun of the MNLF. Conflict becomes long-term and an endless cycle as it is transferred from one generation to the next. Healing the bitter heart is an act of God, and this we ask in our prayers.

Double and repeated jeopardy against Nur Misuari

Another thing, how many times do we have to repeat an MNLF RIGHT OF REPLY to character-assassinating publicities that spreads a baseless allegation that Misuari/MNLF did some atrocities in Zamboanga City a long time ago in 2001? Misuari was already tried in court for those allegations, and while in jail from 2001-2009 and the court acquitted him because of zero evidence. Well, there were tons of propaganda published by mainstream media against Misuari but these cannot be used as evidence. Now again, after 12 years, in that recent chaos in Zamboanga of September 2013, we have openly made a RIGHT OF RPLY that we are not involved in that chaos; but still you keep on publishing someone else's paid propaganda against the MNLF. Again, I repeat, media propaganda articles repeatedly come out when either journalists lack due-diligence or when they allow themselves to be used (for a fee) in propaganda. What's wrong with some members of mainstream media is they are too lazy to do research, or too greedy (or hungry, whatever) for propaganda money. Their professionalism is negatively affected. the cause of this anomaly is that they get information from the wrong people; they write about MNLF out of their imagination instead of asking us what we are and what we think about certain issues about us.

On the notion of MNLF Faction

ON THE NOTION OF "MNLF FACTION". There is no such thing as "MNLF faction". There is only one MNLF, under one leadership of Nur Misuari, under one ideology of Egalitarianism, towards one objective of Mindanao Independence, and through one means to achieve its political goals which must only be the peaceful means. We call this the ONE MNLF DOCTRINE. Sema Group and Alonto Group were already expelled from the MNLF. Please refer to the Masterlist of Expelled MNLFs in the notes of FB/MNLFpage. Sema and Alonto have no followers in the MNLF because these two were already expelled from the MNLF fo so long as I can remember. It is "MNLF vs GPH" -- that's why the two negotiates to arrive at a settlement of their conflicting interest. Sema and Alonto are already on the GPH side -- they advocate the GPH position. Sema and Alonto are no longer describable as MNLFs, but they can be called "former MNLFs", or the best way to describe them now are "turncoats", or "GPH agents" as they now advocate the GPH position.

The declaration of Mindanao independence

To end this note, please be reminded that Nur Misuari, the leader of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is a United Nations Peace Prize Awardee and a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. This is Misuari's greatest achievement and he is not stupid to terrorize any town in Philippines. For the record, starting the date of Mindanao Declaration of Independence of 15 January 2012 in Valencia Bukidnon, Nur Misuari is now in the history book of Mindanao as the first Head of State of the independent Mindanao. How you guys in Government of the Philippines treat Misuari will determine the foreign policy of Mindanao on Philippines in the near future -- either we will be friends or we will shut the doors of opportunities to your disadvantage -- so please help your President make a good decision.

The MNLF follows the peaceful process of attaining political objectives set by the Mindanao Independence Movement (MIM). The MIM prospectus and brochure is available online, just ask for the URL by sending a message in MNLFpage in Facebook. The MNLF condemns and does not subscribe to all forms of terrorism because we don't want to establish a new nation that uses terrorism as a means of achieving political change. Try checking out YouTube video titled "Mindanao Independence - Signing of Declaration" and you will see the big issue here that your news network is turning a blind eye. Signing of the Mindanao Declaration of independence is a very successful ongoing activity -- the people of Mindanao really wants secession from Philippines in a peaceful methodology.

Malaysia is the legitimate enemy

The MNLF have a Sabah Recovery Project, and Malaysia hates this project so much. The MILF are being used by the Malaysians to act an aggressive rivalry against the MNLF in the aspect of political concession with the GPH. The MILF is like an overseas militia of the Malaysians. MILF is heavily funded by the Malaysians, from guns, uniforms, and media pay-offs.

Message to mainstream media companies

I pressume journalism companies like you understand the mechanics of the Right of Reply. As you repeat publishing the allegation that MNLF is involved in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013, I will also have to do my function to post a canned MNLF Right of Reply in the same venue.

Your sentence "Some eight months after the attempted siege by followers of Moro National Liberation Front founding chairman Nur Misuari..." is a one sided allegation, a presumptuous opinion, and a prejudicial propaganda. You are trying to precondition the mind of your readers to believe that MNLF was involved in that chaos. The manner you write it is neither fair nor balanced. There is, however, a room for improvement in how you write it by saying, "Some eight months after the alleged siege by alleged followers of MNLF founding chairman Nur Misuari...".

Due-Diligence is required in order for you to achieve balanced reporting. I am the first one you should have talked with when you need to know the position of MNLF on any issue. If you want to conduct due diligence of who I am in the MNLF, you may call for a background check, the chief (lady Atty) of the Public Affairs Office of NAIA-1. She knows me because I coordinated our formal letter dated 8 Feb 2013 with her office the last press conference of Nur Misuari in NAIA-1. Ask her who formally coordinated the last Press Conference of Misuari in in NAIA-1 VIP Lounge in the morning of 9 Feb 2013. Since March 2013, no member of the mainstream media can interview Misuari without my permission. So, in any issues concerning the MNLF, I am the one you will contact first because I am the Communications Director in the side of MNLF. It is I who will refer you to the right person in the MNLF who is directly involved in whatever particular issue. I understand trabaho lang ang pagiging media, walang personalan; intindihin nyo rin na ang function ko ay trabaho lang din eto, walang personalan. I may not like you personally for some reason, you may not like me personally for some reason, but we have to communicate kasi trabaho natin eto. Walang balanced news kung mangengembento kayo ng story about MNLF. Walang rair news kung magpapagamit kayo sa propaganda. Whatever I write here, you may qoute it as the official MNLF position, and you may use my name as reference (i.e. "according to MNLF Director for Communications Rltr. John R. Petalcorin .....").

John R. Petalcorin
Director for Communications, MNLF
Executive Director, Mindanao Independence Movement (MIM)
Admin, FB/MNLFpage

News is only told once. Propaganda is repeated all over again like an advertisement. This blog serves as standard MNLF RIGHT OF REPLY to the following propaganda publicity titles that has repetitive content that says "Misuari/MNLF attacked Zamboanga City":

"Zamboanga City regains regional athletic championship". Minda News.
"77th Dia de Zamboanga focuses on rebuilding". Solar News PH.
"Still more than 64000 displaced Zambo families". Solar News PH.
"Nat'l gov't releases P2.6B to NHA to build shelters for Zambo siege 'bakwits'". Minda News.
"P2.5B released for housing in Zambo battle zone". Solar News PH
"Zamboanga City gov't supports move to deny Nur safe conduct pass". Philippine Star.
"Safe place for 25000 Zamboanga evacuees sought". Manila Bulletin.
"Mayor Climaco wants safer shelters for 25000 evacuees in Zamboanga City". GMA News.
"5 cops who died in Zambo siege promoted". ABS CBN News.
"Death toll in Zambo evacation centers rises to 84". ABS CBN News.
"Thousands of Zambo students yet to return to school after siege". ABS CBN News.
"MNLF agrees to talks to end 1996 peace pact". Manila Standard Today.
"Kuta ni Misuari 'di pa rin tukoy". Journal Online.
"Manila official admits slow pace of rehabilitation". Gulf Today.
"Marines, cops tracking down bandits, victims". Business Mirror.
"Misuari kicks out 'mutinous' deputy". Manila Standard Today.
"COMMENT: Complicating Implications (1): On “spoilers,” MNLF, political issues". Minda News.
"After September seige, Zamboanga City folk to relive childhood". GMA News 4 May 2014.
"SC approves transfer of case vs MNLF from Taguig to Pasig". Inquirer. 14 April 2014.
"Zamboanga City marks pre holy week with graduation tighter security measures". GMA Network, 11 April 2014.