Friday, October 28, 2011

Mindanao Independence Movement (MIM)


All mind must be clear that MNLF struggles for independence of Bangsamoro Land or Mindanao Nation (MINSUPALA - Mindanao, Suluu, Palawan).

The MNLF does not treat Autonomy as the final solution. The Autonomy was the counter-offer of the Philippine Government in 1976 and MNLF accepted Autonomy as a "peaceful political path" or "stepping stone" or “transition” towards independence. The ARMM is an organization operated exclusively by the GPH that is supposed to implement the transition, but and it deliberately fails because the GPH does not want MNLF to achieve what’s next to Genuine Autonomy which is INDEPENDENCE.

There is not a moment that Nur Misuari and the entire MNLF ever dropped the struggle for independence.

The Mindanao Independence Movement (MIM) became officially activated on 15 October 2011. The MIM has a clear focus on the vision to achieve the formation of an Independent Mindanao Nation. It is not hate-driven but hope-driven. It is unarmed. It is bullish but non-violent. It is not anti-government but catalystic for reforms. It's mission is unbendable but its procedure is consultative and flexible. It is not an intellectual monopolist but understanding of the co-existence of other competing programs. It is tolerably long-shot and patient but diligent in meeting the timeline. The MIM Executive Director is yours truly, MNLF Cmdr. John Remollo Petalcorin.


We believe that an Independent State of Mindanao that will be serving a population of 20-25 million can perform better as a government compared to a Philippine National Government that serves a population of 95-100 million. The people of Mindanao can only get away from the marginalization if it becomes an Independent State. The independence of Mindanao is a huge relieve on the population burden of Philippine government. Philippines can only survive economically if Mindanao is independent, prosperous, and a good neighbor nation.

We believe that we can achieve Mindanao Independence through democracy, diplomacy, not by insurgency. We will pursue our activities towards the formation of Mindanao independent nation under the following parameters:

• Without disturbing the peacefulness of the community,
• Without forcing those who are unwilling to participate,
• Without resorting to violent methods that hurt people,
• Without expressing ourselves in the threatening manner,
• Without resorting to insurgency, rebellion, and sedition.

Click here to download the MIM Brochure.