Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to get MNLF I.D. Card

I issue MNLF I.D. card not because it is mandatory for all members to have it, but because the MNLF individual member needs it, and I am here to meet such need. The kind of MNLF I.D. card that I issue can be used as a secondary identification document. It passes the standard of a valid ID because it is verifiable at the issuing source and it contains sufficient personal idintifiable information of the card holder. This request for ID is also the process that we use to gather information from each applicant for job in MNLF-facilitated economic and business projects.


Step 1. INITIATE CONTACT. Send an email requesting an MNLF ID card. You can send your email to JohnPetalcorin@Gmail.Com

Step 2. PROVIDE YOUR IDENTITY INFORMATION. Wait for the response. You will receive a response by email that will ask you to reply by supplying the following information about yourself:


a. First Name (Given Name):
b. Middle Name (Mother's Maiden Surname):
c. Last Name (Family Name):
d. Present Position or Designation in MNLF (if any):
e. Present Unit in the MNLF (if any):
f. Date if your initial appointment in MNLF and complete name (including rank) of the MNLF Officer(s) who signed your appointment paper. If you don't have an appointment paper and you want to join the MNLF, you can indicate here that you want to join the MNLF and you will be initially appointed as Intelligence Officer under the Advocacy Communication Unit of the Moro National Liberation Front - Mindanao Independence Movement (MNLF-MIM).
g. Complete Residence Address:
h. Cellphone Number:
i. Email Address:
j. Birthdate:
k. Birth Place:
l. Weight:
m. Height:
n. Blood Type:
o. Next of kin to be contacted in case of emergency. Name, address, and contact numbers:

p. Foreign countries where you have resided or worked: s. If you have SSS ID, what is your ID#:
q. If you have Tax Identification Number, what is your TIN#:
r. If you have Driver License, what is your License# and issuance date:
s. If you have Philippine Passport, what is your Passport# and issuance date:
t. If you have Postal ID, what is your ID# and issuance date:
u. If you have a Birth Certificate, what is the registration number:
v. Attach a file of your picture in JPG format.


a.Highest formal education attained:
b. Provinces and cities in the Philippines you have resided or worked:
c. What are your knowledge, talent, skills, expertise, profession, resources, hobbies, or anything that you are good at or interested to do that you can share to MNLF Organization:
d. Do you know how to drive a 2-wheel motorbike? [Yes or No]:
e. Do you know how to drive a small 4-wheel car? [Yes or No]:
f. Do you know how to drive a bus or big truck? [Yes or No]:
g. Do you know how to drive a small boat? [Yes or No]:
h. Can you lift and carry a 50 kilogram sack of rice: [Yes or No]:
i. Do you want to work as Security Guard or Security Escort? [Yes or No]:
j. Are you willing to be trained in any job that the organization needs you to do, such as operating a warehouse equipment? [Yes or No]:
k. Are you willing to work away from home/family? [Yes or No]:
l. What is the particular job position that you want to reserve or apply for?:

Step 3. PRINT YOUR ID CARD. In response to the information you provided, you will receive a response by email, containing two JPG files. The first file is the front of the card (contains your picture) and the second file is the back of the card (contains your personal identity information). Copy/download the two files into your USB Flash Disk or SD Card and bring it to Tronix for printing into PVC Card (two pieces of ID cards will cost P80 only). Tronix branches are in . If there is no Tronix Branch in your area, you can ask around for photo printing shops who can print and laminate your ID card in PVC Plastic. After printing your own MNLF ID Card, please sign your MNLF ID card.


1. MNLF ID Cards developed by the Communication and Advocacy Unit are pocket-size cards.

2. When there is someone interested to verify the authenticity of your MNLF ID Card, they can send a message in the MNLF Advocacy Website at or email the Communication and Advocacy Director at JohnPetalcorin@Gmail.Com and they will get a response. The MNLF Director can only confirm membership and authenticity of MNLF ID for those who have record in file (those who provided a complete identity information in the Step 2 of this MNLF ID process).

3. MNLF ID Card is not a mandatory requirement. You can be an MNLF without an ID and can live with or without it. Nevertheless, having an MNLF ID can be beneficial in many possible ways.

Note: the back of the ID Card contains the following information that are relevent for the ID to be considered as a VALID ID:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Phone Number
4. Email Address
5. Website:
6. Signature
7. Date/Place of Birth
8. Weight, Height, Blood-Type
9. Contact in case of emergency